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Pacific Center for Lifelong Learning offers two types of On-Demand courses:

  • Recorded Webinars: These are recordings of live webinars delivered through the Adobe Connect Web Conferencing platform. They include a video feed of the lecturer, a transcript of the live chat feed, all course handouts, and a slideshow.
  • Pacific Symposium Videos: These courses are made from archival footage from past Pacific Symposiums. The video and audio quality is not as good as the recorded webinars and there are typically no handouts available to download.


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The Decoction Classic and Its Relation to the Shanghan Lun

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$100.00 each
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Instructor: Arnaud Versluys, PhD, MD (China), LAc

4 CEU/PDA's (CAB and NCCAOM Approved)

Recorded Webinar

Course Description

Learn about the historical development of herbal medicine, and of the Han dynasty prescriptions. Trace the most important Shanghan Lun formulas back to their original source in the Western Han dynasty, Tangye Jing or Decoction Classic. Learn the original architecture and clinical indications of these Tangye Jing formulas, compared with Zhang Zhongjing's ultimate design and clinical use.

The seminar will demonstrate how the Yiyin Tangye Jing or Yiyin Decoction Classic of the Western Han Dynasty became the blueprint for the Shanghan Zabing Lun by Zhang Zhongjing

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