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Pacific Center for Lifelong Learning offers two types of On-Demand courses:

  • Recorded Webinars: These are recordings of live webinars delivered through the Adobe Connect Web Conferencing platform. They include a video feed of the lecturer, a transcript of the live chat feed, all course handouts, and a slideshow.
  • Pacific Symposium Videos: These courses are made from archival footage from past Pacific Symposiums. The video and audio quality is not as good as the recorded webinars and there are typically no handouts available to download.


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Precision Herbal Formulation: Introduction to the Qin Bowei Method

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$50.00 each
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Instructor: Jason Blalack, L.Ac.

2 CEU's/PDA's (CAB and NCCAOM Approved)

Part of the Precision in Herbal Formulation: The Qin Bowei Method

Course Description

Do you want to break away from the textbook approach of “which disease, which pattern, that formula?”

This course is part of a yearlong program. Recorded versions of the live webinars will be made available in the week following each of the live classes so you can join the program at any time. If you purchase one or more live or recorded courses individually before signing up for the whole series, you will be given credit toward the purchase of the series.

After completing the entire series, you will boost your practice and expertise through the effective treatment system of Qin Bowei. Adopt a laser-like focus on the root of the disease pattern and avoid a symptomized, scattered approach to your herbal formulation. In learning the Qin Bowei method, you will have the freedom to emulate the thinking behind classic prescriptions without being tied down to the exact ingredients or original indications. Engage with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) on a deeper level and learn to write short, customized prescriptions that address the wholeness of your patients.

This introduction lecture will present a historical overview of Qin Bowei’s system of prescribing, putting it in context of TCM and the modern development of Chinese medicine. It will illustrate what treatment methods are and why understanding the fundamental principles of Chinese medicine can be a powerful tool for individualized treatments. Numerous practical examples will be presented to demonstrate a certain method of thinking for learning how to not only diagnose clearly but also then prescribe the most appropriate individualized formula for one’s patient.

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